Past Due Balance

Disconnection for Non-Payment
Consumers who have not paid their bills by the end of the month will have any past due water and/or sewer charges added to the current charges plus the late penalty fee. If the past due charges plus the late penalty fee are not paid by the 7th of the following month the City shall discontinue the consumer's water service on the following morning. However, should the 7th day of the month fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, as declared by the City, then, in that event, the consumer shall have until the close of the City's next regular business day to pay said bill. All consumers who have their water discontinued for the late payment of water and/or sewer charges will be charged a forty-dollar ($40.00) turn-off fee.

Once turned off for non-payment, a consumer's water service shall be reinstated only after full payment of all water and/or sewer charges currently owed along with the late penalty fee and the turn-off fee.