Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for functions critical to preserving the City infrastructure, including water meter maintenance and preserving common areas such as streets, sidewalks, fire hydrants, stormwater drains and basins, and road right-of-ways. Department staff is also responsible for working with private contractors in the collection of solid waste, and to provide water and wastewater services.

This department also maintains landscape and facilities of common areas, such as road medians and easements/right-of ways.


  • Produced and treated more than 430 million gallons of water for residents, schools, medical community, businesses and restaurants during the 2020 calendar year.
  • Replaced aged generators at our 581 Water Plant and the Master Lift Station, strengthening infrastructure reliability.
  • Performed major work/rehabilitations on Lift Stations 4, 5, 21, and the Master Lift Station.
  • Replaced 18 service pumps on 10 different Lift Stations, further increasing the efficiency and reliability of our sewer system infrastructure.
  • Completed the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project at Dampier St, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Ave.
  • Utilized a grant from the FDOT Highway Beautification Program to improve the intersection of E Highland Blvd and US Hwy 41 S.
  • Completed the reclamation and repaving of Hill St, E Relief St, and S Park Ave between E Relief St and E Hill St.
  • Maintained more than 70 miles of paved roadways.
  • Administratively coordinated support for residential and commercial waste disposal for 3943 residences and 562 businesses.
  • In 2014 we switched over to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), that has increased efficiency, decreased maintenance costs, and increased reliability since installation.
  • Maintained fire hydrants with scheduled flushings, replaced 5 units, and repaired 4 others.
  • 28 continuous years of Tree City USA community status from the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Recognized by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) as a Trail Town. Part of the Florida Greenways and Trails System.
  • Restriped North Apopka Ave, and Dampier St
  • Reclaimed and repaved the Brannen Bank parking lot, and the Public Works Maintenance Facility lot.
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  3. Public Works Department Contact

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    Cory Dilmore

    Public Works Director
    Phone: (352) 726-2611 ext 1502

  5. Robert Pell

    Public Works Assistant Director
    Phone: (352) 726-2611 ext 1503

  6. Angela Lazo

    Staff Assistant
    Phone: (352) 726-2611 ext 1401