Entertainment District

The Entertainment District refers to the Downtown Entertainment District, a designated area pictured on the map within the city that has been established to offer a unique and vibrant experience for residents and visitors alike. The primary purpose behind the creation of this district was to provide patrons of local downtown restaurants, bars, and pubs with the opportunity to enjoy their beer or wine outside of these establishments.

Entertainment District Rules

To ensure a vibrant and enjoyable experience for all residents and visitors, the following rules have been established. These rules are designed to promote a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment during events and gatherings within the district.

  • Days Authorized: Seven days a week
  • Daily Start Time: 12:00 pm 
  • Daily End Time: 12:00 am 
  • Allowed Beverages: Beer and wine only 
  • Participating Businesses: Bona fide licensed vendors operating within the entertainment district 
  • Container: City-approved logo clear plastic cup 

NOTE: Cans, bottles, and glassware cannot leave the vendor's premises.


The Entertainment District thrives on the energy and diversity of its events, and we encourage all participating vendors to contribute to the atmosphere by offering food and beverages outside during these occasions. To ensure the seamless flow of events and the safety of all attendees, we kindly ask vendors to follow these simple rules whenever planning event sales beyond the perimeter of their sidewalk cafes: 

Unobstructed Sidewalks: It is crucial not to block the sidewalk. To provide accessibility for all, a minimum aisle width of 5 feet must be maintained at all times to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Crosswalk Considerations: Please refrain from setting up your stalls in the paths of crosswalks. This measure ensures the safety of pedestrians and drivers, contributing to efficient traffic flow during events. 

Efficient Equipment Removal: At the conclusion of each event, vendors are expected to promptly remove all equipment, including tables, coolers, and pop-up tents. 

Transparent Planning: If you plan to extend your sales area beyond your regular sidewalk cafes, please provide the Community Development Department with a sketch of your temporary food and beverage plan. 

Ordinance 2021-771 Entertainment District

Entertainment District

ONLY Authorized Entertainment District Cup

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