Park Rules

Liberty Park, Wallace Brooks and Whispering Pines Park Rules


No tents, tables, grills allowed in park unless permitted by the City for an event

Organized gatherings such as parties, reunions, weddings, including but not limited to must obtain park use permit from the City prior to event

Organized gatherings are held at the Gazebo, Depot Pavilion, Pavilion or Shade Structures only 

No solicitation or handbill distribution permitted

Dogs MUST be kept on a leash and owner’s effective control

Pet owners are responsible to pick up pet’s waste

No glass containers

No loitering

No motorized vehicles unless authorized

Do not feed the alligators

No swimming from any portion of park property

No metal detecting

No alcoholic beverages

Patrons cannot have loudspeakers, use of public system address or amplification unless by city permit

No use of generators

No oversized parking

No overnight parking, camping or sleeping in the parks

No tampering/displace or removal of any buildings, tables, benches, signs, placards whether temporary or permanent.

Garbage must be thrown into trash receptacles

No distribution of handbills, no solicitation of any kind

No person shall affix to any tree, shrub, plant, fence, building, structure, monument, wall, table apparatus, post, bench, gate or other physical objects any signs, posters or other printed or written material

No sales or offer to sell any items in the park

No driving of any type of vehicle outside of the designated streets

Speed limit is 15 mph

No bounce houses or any type of inflatables are permitted.

No leaving dog waste on the trail. Patrons must pick up waste as there are dog bag stations throughout the trails.

No overnight camping. Camping is permitted for youth groups at the youth camp with reservations from Park administration.

No fires allowed in woods.

No unauthorized motor vehicles allowed on trails.


Pursuant to the City Ordinance 14.5 Park Use Permit may be obtained by calling City of Inverness 352-341-7849.  All City, State and Federal Ordinances, Rules and Laws apply