Home Additions/Renovations

Whether constructing onsite or purchasing a pre-built improvement for your home, there are zoning and permit requirements that apply for your protection. So, just how do these requirements protect you?

Zoning requirements protect you and neighbors in making sure structure placement is considerate of easements to maintain and access utility lines, both above and in-ground, while ensuring the structure location follows city ordinance and does not compromise the neighborhood (i.e., having a neighbor put a shed in the front yard). By requiring a permit, building inspections will be conducted to make sure the structure meets current Florida building code, as well as verifies that the contractor chosen is licensed and insured to do business.  If you are unsure of easements or setbacks, please call 352-726-3401 and we will do everything to assist you.

Call Before You Dig

A free service in the state of Florida, dial 811 two to three business days before you plan to begin a digging project so underground utility lines can be marked. The next step in the process is for paint and flags to be placed in your yard by utility staff to indicate lines: red=electric, green=sewer, blue=water, purple=reclaimed water, orange=communication and yellow=fuel.

Zoning Requirement Specifics

Fences:  A Building Permit is required for any fence to be installed within the City Limits of Inverness.  A fence is allowed on any residential lot and must be constructed within property lines. They may be built of chain link, vinyl, wood, concrete block, brick or stone. The maximum height of the fence is dependent on where it is to be placed. In the back and side yards, maximum height is 6 feet. Fences installed in the front yard have a maximum height of 4 feet.
: A Building Permit is required for any shed and carport.  A shed is defined as a building separate from the residence and must be built on the same lot as the residence. A shed can't be built on a vacant lot or placed in the front yard. Sheds can be located on the side of the home, provided it meets the zoning area setbacks and is screened from view on the front and side by a 6 foot wood privacy fence or masonry wall. In the backyard, a shed must be at least 5 feet from the rear lot line or one half the side yard setback, whichever is greater. A maximum of 3 sheds can exist on one residential lot.  Please note that engineered drawings are required to install sheds and carports, a site plan and a building permit application.  
Swimming Pools: Before diving into this project, you should know that larger pools, above or in ground, must be placed in the backyard behind the residence. Portable pools 42 inches deep or more must be at least 5 feet from the side or rear property line; whereas, permanent pools must be at least 15 feet from the back property line and 10 feet from the side property lines.

Other Home Improvements:
For zoning requirements or more help on tackling other home improvement projects, contact Development Services  at DDS@inverness-fl.gov or by dialing 352-726-3401.