Building & Code Enforcement

The Building/Code Enforcement program is responsible for the review, permitting and inspection of any buildings or site plans to secure the public health, safety and general welfare through compliance with applicable state mandated building codes.

Building permits are required for the construction, alteration, repair, removal, demolition, use and occupancy of buildings, structures or premises.

The Code Enforcement Program involves maintaining quality standards of properties throughout the community through inspections and encouraging compliance with applicable City codes. The Code Enforcement program includes practices of informing property owners and business owners about their responsibility to maintain their property.

The Business Tax and Voluntary Contractor Registration program licenses businesses and registers all licensed contractors.

Highlights for Fiscal Year 2019 (unofficial)

  • Issued 800 building permits which includes the construction of new homes, duplexes and commercial businesses, as well as building additions and modifications to existing structures.
  • Collected $388,914.75  in building permit fees.
  • Performed 2,547 building and zoning inspections.
  • Issued 1,058 Business Tax Licenses; collecting $51,351.55
  • Issued 294 Contractor Voluntarily Registrations; collecting $8,930.00 in fees.
  • Reviewed 740 construction plans.
  • Issued permits in value of $25,004,894.00 to the City.