Info for Event Organizers

Why Inverness 

Inverness is a great city to host your event. We have parks and facilities that are available for a wide range of events from a business expo to a festival. City staff can assist you in your process from setting up a permit or to creating a rental agreement for one of our venues. 

List of Parks and Facilities

Event Permits 

Event permits are required for any occasion or event by example including, but not limited to: exhibitions, celebrations, weddings, festivals, parades, assemblies, races, and any event that is not a normal function of any location or zoning district. 

Types of Permits 

Community Event 

An event taking place on private property (commercial and/or residential) that requires special needs such as amplified music, traffic control, sanitation, vendors, amusement rides, lighting, etc., or an event requiring a road closure such as road races, parades and block parties. 

Park Rental 

An event taking place within a city-owned and operated park requiring the use of tents, vendors, exhibitors, and other request involving use of park property for an event. 

Facility Rental

A person, business or organization that wants to reserve a facility within a City of Inverness park for a personal or private or business affair. 

Event Permitting Process 

An event is not approved until the permit is issued to the applicant and required fees are paid. Submittal of application is not a guarantee of event approval. Incomplete applications are not accepted and application must be submitted no less than 45 days prior the requested event. After the application has been submitted with all required information, allow 21 days for processing. Applicant cannot proceed with advertising event or promotion for an event until the approved permit is issued. 

The City of Inverness will review applications using the following factors:

  • Impact to inverness residents and businesses not affiliated with the event/activity
  • Use of city facilities in the manner designed
  • Demand on city resources and/or the potential for damage
  • Security and public safety
  • Traffic flow impact
  • Event history
  1. Liz Fernley

    Director IEVB
    Phone: (352) 726-2611 x 1306

  2. Betty Pleacher

    Facilities Operations Manager
    Phone: 352-341-7849

  3. Kellie Powell

    Aquatics Coordinator
    Phone: 352-726-1995

  4. R. Woody Worley

    Whispering Pines Park Manager
    Phone: 352-726-2611 ext:1309

  5. Eileen Walsh

    Cultural Arts Director
    Phone: (352) 341-7850