Yard or Garage Sales

Out with the old and in with the new may mean a garage or yard sale is in your future. If that's the case, there are guidelines to consider when planning your event.

A permit is required for sales held within the City limits. The permit is free of charge, available online and provides free advertising of your sale on this website.


When planning your sale, be aware of the following guidelines:
  • Sales should only be conducted between the hours of 8:00AM through 5:00PM.
  • Sales should last no longer than three consecutive days.
  • Sale signs can be placed on the property where the sale is to be held, but not on road medians or landscaped islands.
  • And please, don't nail anything to a tree.
That's it; pretty simple and straightforward. Not only is your cooperation appreciated, but your neighbors will thank you for an orderly sale. For additional questions or information, please contact the Community Development Department